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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yesterday was the big 22! Can't believe it came and left so quickly. Do I feel any older? Not really. I have a feeling birthdays are going to be like that from now on. You are getting older but you don't feel it.
The weekend before I was pretty much on my deathbed. It was awful. It's like my immune system went on vacation for a month because this is twice this month I have been sick. I was hoping with Monday being a holiday, I would be well rested and better for my birthday. I should've known, it never really works like that when I get sick. So I worked till four, behind my mask all day, coughing, sniffing, sneezing, obviously when patients were not around. Those that I work with also threw me a party with balloons and a cake so that made it a little better to be at work. Jake came around four and whisked me away to Buca di Beppo, this cute authentic Italian place. I can never say no to some pasta. They have all sorts of fun rooms and Jake reserved the kitchen room where you actually dine in the kitchen so you see everything made right there. Loved it! All the chefs wished me a happy birthday. It was a good birthday minus being sick.

P.S. Jake starts his new intern today. You should've seen him all nicely dressed up in his new shirt and pants! I can't wait to ask him about it when he gets home.

Don't worry about my orange nails in these pictures. Totally painted them at night in the dark and I thought I grabbed my Salmon colored fingernail polish. Guess not.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! You guys are the best. 


Janeal said...

Fun! Happy belated birthday. And I think your bright nails are cute. :)

Stephanie said...

I love Buca! Happy late birthday, and I also love the orange polish =)