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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I love my g-ma

......and this is why!

Halloween is the best at grandmas house. I remember when I was little going to my grandmas house, seeing it all decorated and grandma in her costume. She would always sit us down and tell us scary Halloween stories. It was the best. This year she set up everything outside and as the trick-or-treaters would come up the drive way, she would welcome them over by the fire, have them sit down and would share a scary story with them before they got their candy. My roommate and I went outside to hear a story ourselves and right in the middle, we could hear a group of kids coming up the drive way. One kid exclaimed "oh I love this one! This one is the best! She tells you scary stories!" I couldn't help but laugh. That's grandma is awesome. My friends and I did most of our Halloween fun on Friday. We dressed up, each of us from a different decade. I've always said I should've been born in the 20's so now was my turn to dress the part. I was a flapper girl. It was dang fun! We danced all night and didn't get home till around 2:00. What a night.


Sharee and Arthur said...

Heather! Your hair looked perfect! awesome!

Janeal said...

That's a freakin awesome costume. Did you do for reals finger waves?