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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I'm sure this has happened to many of you before. And you feel like such a retard afterwords. Or at least I did.

So I am driving home from Pleasant Grove. I hop on the freeway and head south. As I am driving, I notice a car that got on the freeway the same time as me. Every time I switch a lane, they follow. I exit. So do they. I get in the left hand lane. They do too. By now I'm thinking "what the heck!" I take the weirdest way home possible. Still behind me. Now I'm nervous. "Why are these people following me?" And of course my mind starts playing all these tricks on me, making me think that as soon as I get out the car they will drive by and snatch me up or something crazy like that. Beginning to get super paranoid, I take sharp corners and speed up to try and lose them. I pull into the driveway, and they do door.

Yep those where my neighbors.

They gave me a weird look as I quickly walked inside trying to hide my embarrassment. All I know is that if they drive that way home all the time, it's the weirdest route I have ever seen.

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