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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Can I just tell you how much fun I had last night? So I went on a date with a giant. Seriously this kid is so tall! I was semi okay with my height until I stood next to him.

I maybe go up to his shoulders. Maybe.

We went to Comedy Sportz and if I may say, it was the best one I have been to so far. The players were hilarious and everything they said was really witty. Definitely a good night to go.
I laughed so hard I'm pretty sure I had a six pack by the end of the show. We talked, found out more about each other, conversation flowed great, he was great. Did I mention he is going into dentistry? Likes to cook? Likes to read? Play games? Plays the piano? Has a great singing voice? Is very smart? Loves to play any sport and be outdoors? Great smile? We have a lot of things in common including music taste including dislike of country music, being the oldest, the fields that we are going into.....seriously. It's crazy. I just sat there and thought...geesh who are you?! Perfect guys like that don't exist or are very hard to come by. If only I were a good couple inches taller! I do love my heels, but I love my flats a tad bit more. Well after Comedy Sportz, we came back to my place where we made Skookies, not pizookies, yes there is a difference, with a couple of other people. The Skookies were ah-mazing! After that, we played games, and laughed our heads off till about 1 in the morning. Do you know how long it's been since I have stayed up that late before? Long time. It was such a fun date!

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