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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall break

This fall break has been great. Sleeping in everyday, not doing any homework....pure bliss. I took my little sister to see Little Shop of Horrors Thursday night which was great. Story line is kinda out there but the music is so much fun! I went to Thriller last night with my dear was pretty much amazing! I went to see it maybe two years ago with my mom and sisters at the Tuachan theatre in St. George and loved it. They even put in a couple of new numbers for Tristan Gray who is only thirteen and can pop and lock it like no other, as well as doing a number in memory of Michael Jackson. Oh how I wish I could dance like that. It's amazing the talent that was shown on that stage. The show was fantastic.

The drive home was not.

It took me an hour and a half to get home from Salt Lake. Ridiculous! The freeway was shut down to, do I dare say it, one lane. Of course you had the stupid people who tried to sneak up the slowly closing lane as long as they could and that makes me very mad. Then you had people that accidentally left their blinker on so you would be nice and let them come over, but they actually didn't need to come over. I thought there was a huge accident or something so I listened to the radio, which I hate to listen to the radio, for about ten minutes and didn't hear anything except conversation about some car insurance scam or something like that. Turns out it was construction at the AF overpass that they are trying to complete. I loath construction. It seems like it is everywhere!

1 comment:

Ash Att said...

construction sucks whad. i hate it. and its everywhere!! ps. are you free today? we should catch up!