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Sunday, June 14, 2009


It's always good to write goals down if you really plan on doing them. Here are a few of mine that I want to do between the end of this month and through July. I guess they are more things I just want to do.
  • Run the Freedom run
  • Make a meal without burning something!
  • Hike Angels Landing
  • Lake Powell trip (never been before)
  • Get a stellar tan from all the running I will be doing
  • DON'T CUT MY HAIR (have been tempted too many times)
  • Raft down Provo river
  • Ride up to Bridal Veil Falls again but go all the way to Vivian Park
  • Go to the Strawberry Days Rodeo. I have lived in PG for fourteen years now and have only been once. That's just a little ridiculous.
I am determined to check all of these off. That should be a goal in itself!

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