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Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's talks like his that make me realize that I can be so much better. You know I thought I was doing pretty good until he gave his talk. We were privileged to have Neil L. Anderson come and speak to us at our stake conference up here in Ogden. One of the boys came and sat down next to us with a big grin on his face as he told us that he just shook Elder Neil L. Anderson's hand! Haha! But really to have him there in person was so cool! You could just feel the power of this newly called apostle as he spoke to us. Here are some things I got from the meeting. I was trying to write them down as fast as I could so hopefully I will be able to read them.
  • Brent C. Nelson talked about the theme of Conference which was "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear." He talked about a boy who was a great example to everyone. While in sports, he made sure that he always put the Lord first and knew that if he put his faith in the Lord, they could whip anyone. (age 15) He liked everyone and everyone liked him. He was used as an example for other missionaries while he served. He was dedicated to his church, his family, friends, and work. On his way to a work meeting on a plane, sometime went wrong and the plane crashed killing everyone. Brent C. Nelson then asked us this question. "Are you prepared?" Then I asked myself, am I striving to be a good example to others? Am I striving to be the best that I can be?
  • Brother Simpson - Ogden Temple president talked about the scripture Mosiah 2:5 and how we all need to face the temple. We need our families to face the temple. He told of story of a primary teacher that took her kids to the temple and asked each of them to go up one at a time, to touch the temple. After each one had touched the temple she said to them, "Now you've touched the temple. When you grow up, let the temple touch you." I thought that was so cool. It made me aware of how grateful I am for a temple that is not even ten minutes from where I live and that I can go there and partake of the blessings it gives each and every one of us as we do temple work.
  • Didn't catch her name but she is in the Presidency of the stake Relief Society. She also talked about being prepared and compared it to Noah and the ark and gave us seven things to help us. 1:Don't miss the boat - take advantage of what we have (prophets, temples, scriptures) 2: We are all in the same boat - We need to help each other. 3: Plan ahead - continue your education. Be prepared. 4: Don't listen to critics - Man's opinion doesn't matter. 5: Travel in pairs - Marriage. Lean on each other, move forward together in faith, and for those that haven't found the one, be that person you are looking for. 6: The ark was built by amateurs. Titanic was built by professionals. You know what happened to both - Joseph Smith was a little boy when he prayed to our Heavenly Father. In some way we are all amateurs in our callings, but as long as we do them faithfully we will be blessed. 7: No matter the storm, when with Heavenly Father, there is always a rainbow at the end - It will all work out. Do not fear.
  • Neil L. Anderson started talking about how we need to be clay in Heavenly Father's hands. We need to learn to grow into the mantle that we have been given. Be mold able. Be Changeable. Then he talked about youth. "Joseph Smith was young, the Savior was young. Don't let your youth be an excuse. We have to account for what we are in our lives." Also talked about how we need to keep Christ as our center. He quoted Thomas S. Monson from this last general conference, "Some would like to keep one foot in Babylon, and one foot in Zion. This is not possible." Mentioned D&C 45:57 (speaking as for us in our days) Then he went on to talk about how the power of the Savior is real. Accept it. We must remember Him always that His spirit may abide with us always (sacrament prayer) This next part is my favorite part of his whole talk. He talked about how when he was a little boy he used to catch butterflies. He would gently catch them in his hand, then put it into a bottle expecting the butterfly to still fly around, but instead it couldn't fly and fell to the bottom of the jar. He then said the spirit of the Lord is like unto a butterflies wing. It is delicate and refined. When we do something to harm it, it does not return immediately. We can't go to a bad movie one night, then expect the spirit to be there the next day to help us.
What a blessing it was to hear from this newly called apostle. His love for our Saviour is great. His love for each of us is great. I'm so grateful to have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today to help and guide us through hard times. I am so grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father and a loving brother, Jesus Christ. We are never alone.

What an awesome way to start the week. This is what I needed.

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