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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Saturday, yesterday, a group of friends and I went here and participated in this. It was awesome! The Thai food was really good....except the weird snow cone flavors. My roommate and I went up to get one and we asked what flavors they had. He said, "Green, yellow, red, and white." .....Okay then...I will have a yellow mixed with red and hope it tastes good. The red part tasted like barbie bubble gum tooth paste. I don't know what the yellow tasted like but it was a little bit better! We also got to watch some Thai boxing as well as a Thai beauty contest. Their outfits were so colorful as well as the trinkets they wore in their hair! It was cool to be a part of their culture for a day. One thing I learned while I was there is that their Kings favorite color is Yellow...and that is why so many things are decorated in yellow in their culture right now.
After that, we headed back to the apartment to play a little game of Crockett. I forgot how much I liked that game! I remember playing it all the time with cousins in the back of my grandparents yard! My roommate and I were really behind, to only come forward and almost win the game. At least I was "poison" first! After that we all went inside and played a round of UNO followed by an intense game of Phase 10. Didn't win any of those either.
I needed that so bad. Just a day full of fun with friends and not studying. It felt amazing!

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