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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Done...done and DONE!

Yes!! I have finally finished this horrible week full of all my plethora of tests! It feels great!
I went to the library to study at 9:30, took a test at 11:15, then another at 11:45, then studied for my bio med test till I couldn't study anymore which was around 2:45. When I went to go take my bio med test, the lady that was there in charge of checking you in and what not, very nicely told me that she wouldn't put me next to the girl with the clicky nails. Ha ha uh thanks! So I get onto my computer and begin my test when I hear this crazy loud, annoying clicking noise! This girl was typing like crazy with huge fake nails on. Blast! Kill me now! Yes I was impressed at how fast the girl could type but seriously?!? Usually I can take those tests in 15 minutes....ish... but this time it took me twice as long! All I could hear was the stupid noise her nails made as they struck the keyboard. But I did well with all three tests! Heavenly!

Am I gonna start studying for finals? Nope. I'm going to be lazy and watch movies and read books! Hurray for being lazy!

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