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Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I have never have had a big filling in my life. Most of them have been tiny occlusal fillings on my back molars. Well there was one tooth that looked it could use a sealant. I wanted to be extra safe so I told the dentist to do a little bit more than a sealant and to just do a small filling so there won't be a big chance of it getting a big cavity. So I set up my room for a filling, put in my new favorite movie and sat in the chair. I didn't think it was going to be a big deal so I didn't get a shot. Well the dentist starts drilling and I am doing great. Can't feel a thing. A couple of minutes later he stops and asks if I can feel anything. I tell him no and he looks kinda shocked. He keeps "drilling" (that is in quotations for a reason...) and then stops again to ask me if I can feel anything. I thought he would be done with the filling by should've been very small. He then tells me that it was a lot deeper than we thought it was and that we might need to get the endo stuff out. Endo stuff = root canal!!! WHAT?!? I'm too young to get a root canal! How could've it gotten that deep in only a matter of days since last we checked?!? I am a more than avid flosser and brusher! Well I kinda go out of it for a little bit because I am on the gas. But after the procedure was done I asked him if it was really that deep? I'm freaking out. Those of you who know me know why I am freaking out right about now. He looks at me and starts laughing.
Dentist: "I had the filling done within the first 5 minutes. The rest of the time I was pretending to drill so you would think that it was bigger!"
Me: ".....what?!"
Dentist: (chuckle)
Me: "So I don't need a root canal right?"
Dentist: "Heather that filling was tiny. You are fine."
What the heck! It's not April fools day yet! And of course they knew I would fall for it because I am the most gullible person they know! Shh don't tell anyone else.


Lindsay Rasmussen said...

that is the BEST story I have ever heard in my entire dental career (which has been short, but hey)!!!!!!!!! I love the humor in that office!!!!! I could picture it all....that is just way too funny.

the tidwells said...

that is so great when they were workin on me we talked about it and knew you would just suck right into it haha!