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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wine & Cheese Crowd

The night began with the fam driving up to Deer Creek to listen to the MOTAB and The Utah Symphony. The setting was a beauty of trees and mountains surrounding you. We got there way early so we could actually get a good seat and it’s a good thing we came early because there were a ton of people there! We set up our chairs and blankets and got cozy, passed out the sandwiches and started eating. I was enjoying my sandwich when I looked behind me and saw 2 metal contraptions coming up out of the ground holding wine glasses. I looked to my left to see a couple with a little basket holding their wine glasses and 2 bottles of fine wine, along with some cheese and crackers. Oh brother! We are amongst the wine and cheese crowd. I’m not going to lie, I could see myself doing the exact thing if I wasn’t Mormon. I always fantasize about how I would collect the finest wine, and sip it under a big white tent out in my lovely garden. But once my dad pulled out the whirly pop, I was no longer fantasizing about wine. My dad pulled out a little propane tank along with a little cooker. He put the popcorn in with some delectable seasonings and put it on the heat to pop. The wind blew the smell of the delicious popcorn to me and to people all around us. The couple with the wine looked at us and smiled! One lady we scared when the popcorn started to pop; just about dropped her wine glass when she turned and looked at us with the most hilarious expression I have yet seen! I only wish I had captured the moment! The couple next to us thought that was the coolest thing they have ever seen! I offered them my bowl of delicious homemade popcorn and watched them as they savored every bite. The popcorn was a smash and a favorite within the crowd.
As the MOTAB were coming onto the stage we spotted mom! We waved to her and waited for her to do her famous head nod, to let us know that she saw us, (they usually encourage members of the choir not to wave back) making us laugh every time! We decided to have a little fun with her, making funny hand gestures at her, doing some sign language, doing the wave….she laughed and signed “loser” back to us, low so people wouldn’t be able to see it. I bet the choir members next to here where thinking, “Whose weird family is that?” We are all so proud of mom and for being able to do what she loves! The program was awesome with the MOTAB singing some of our favorite folk songs including: Cindy, Betelehemu, Danny Boy, Bound for the Promise Land, and a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace! The Utah Symphony was fantastic as well, playing some of the most beautiful songs. It got a bit chilly but I enjoyed every second of it. The highlight of the night was after the choir had performed Betelehemu and my dad had overheard a lady behind us that complimented on how the choir moved saying, “I didn’t know Mormons could move like that!” I almost peed my pants of laughter!

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