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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


First let me just get this off my chest...Summer semester is over!!! Feels so liberating to say that! I didn't know if I would survive this last week but I did. Just a little update on what I have done:

  • Went boating with my Packard aunts, uncles, and cousins

  • Got the book Breaking Dawn 5 days before it even came out!! (funny story below)

  • Went to the Breaking Dawn Party and Borders where I saw my dear friend! (Also read below)

  • Wrote a bunch of missionary letters

  • Forgot to mail bunch of missionary letters

  • Found a new place to live!

  • Went swimming and got burned

  • Finished Breaking Dawn in 2 days!

  • Had my room all packed up and ready to move

  • Slammed my finger in a door...1st timer on that one!

  • Went to the Dental office to have them drill a hole in my finger to drain the blood

  • Bought 4 new pairs of shoes!

Breaking Dawn: Well last Monday, (July 28th) I was grocery shopping at Smiths. Now wherever I am shopping I usually find myself in the book section just to see if anything interests me. Well I was in the book section at Smiths when I spotted three copies of Breaking Dawn. Now I'm thinking to myself..."ha nice prank whoever did that!" I know the book isn't supposed to come out until August 2nd. Then I actually grab the book and start flipping through the pages and come to realize that...oh my heck! It's the real thing! So I grab a copy and put it in with the rest of my groceries! How awesome is that?!? All though, I had to have pinktights hide it has soon as I got home because I had finals all that week; but as soon as I was done with my last final on Thursday, I rushed home and told pinktights that I am now allowed to read it.

Breaking Dawn Party: Now I really didn't want to go because I already had the book...but it was kinda fun to see what kinds of crazy people would show up! I was actually impressed with the party that Borders threw. They had a band outside playing music, a place where you could do face paint and make bracelets, they had the "ugliest bridesmaid dress" contest, as well as the "more creative t-shirt" contest; But my favorite thing they had there was a blood bank! Yes you heard me correct! You could give you precious blood until 11:00! If I could give blood, then I totally would've done it

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