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Friday, May 30, 2008


Man I was doing so good at keeping this updated almost every day. Well the summer has flown by, can't believe that May is pretty much over! Classes have been going okay so far....still trying to just get by. I did however have one fun weekend with Jaymo! We went down to the historic 25th street and went to all the antique shops we could fit in. We only made it through one half of the street so we will have to explore the other half some other time. 25th street is my new favorite place to just go and walk around. It is full of so many cute little boutiques and fun restaurants. We found this antique bike shop which was so much fun to walk around and to see all the bikes!
I think my favorite part was just looking around at all the antique shops. So many cool things to look at. All the old records, typewriters, old books, weird art, spectacles, hats...oh man the hats! I don't know how many hours we spent looking around in those shops but I enjoyed it immensely!

After a couple of shop exploring, it started to rain. I love the rain! We just kept wandering up and down the street looking at the other shops. We went into a little clothing store and as soon as we came in, a heavy smog of toxic perfume surrounded us. How can that lady stay in that store and not get a tremendous headache or get high off that smell! We quickly got out of there and inhaled the fresh rain outside. Our last store that we explored was a very, Very expensive furniture store. They had some really cool pieces, which included a huge gong in front of this decorative bed, artistic pillows and just goes on and on. I wish I took more pictures because words just can't describe this shop. I did however take a picture of a chair that I fell in love with. I wonder what awaits us on the other side of the street!

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