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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A reminiscence of Oregon

It rained today. I forgot how much I love rain. The "earthy" scent that the rain brings up through the soil; the fresh like quality in the air; once departed trees and grass are now brought to life; tuning out all the noise we create and listening to the individual drops of liquid from the sky. Time feels like it's in slow motion. As I sat down, listening to the rain, a precious memory came to mind. My family and I are staying at the beach house in Oregon and it's in the wee small hours of the morning....
"It's time!"
"It's so early..."
"That's when the tide is best"
My dad would wake us up early to go down to the beach, and hunt for starfish. This is the time when the tide is low and all sorts of idiosyncratic creatures are stuck in the tide pools. My sister and I would search around for the biggest starfish that we could find, then try to pry them off before they would suck onto the rock, and once they do can never get them off! My family and I have been to the beach house quite a few time, but for some reason, this memory stood out.
Dad just informed me today of the family trip this summer,(which have been on the rocks for a while) and the fam will be going to Oregon and Washington for a week! I will be able to revisit the tide, the lighthouse, and the octopus tree!

Well the dreaded finals are coming up....I just need to keep telling myself that summer is almost hear! Oh summer for Heather! I will be working pretty much full time as well as taking a couple of classes! Call me crazy but I just hope it's worth it. It's worth it right? I will have all my pre-reqs for dental hygiene done except 1 class...and most of my gen eds done...and I will have a little break off with the fam....yes it's worth it.

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