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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Did you say sexy?!?

So it's finally warm enough that I can wear my awesome bright orange shoes! You can't help but be happy when you wear them. Okay so I am on campus, heading back home because I forgot some books, leaving a message on a cute guys phone, when two random boys yelled, "Hey you have sexy shoes!" I pause right in the middle of the message I am leaving, praying he didn't just hear that! I then frantically finished my message and left with a bright red flush
consuming my face! That message will be imprinted in his mind for all eternity and because it's so ridiculous he probably will never delete it...blast!
Then returning to campus, (and I kid you not) I was atrociously attacked by two ducks sitting on a hill. Now I don't know what I did to upset these bizarre creatures but apparently I did something. I hope someone was secretly recording that hysterical moment and then turns it into Funniest Home Videos! It would win first place for sure!
Oh and that cute guy I was leaving a message for heard everything! He called me back and said, "now what was that about sexy shoes?" embarrassing!

1 comment:

Nate said...

Ok... so i read this and couldnt help but comment! haha First of all... this cute guy... is this the jazz game guy? Second, why didnt i get a message... jerk. :) jk heather. Third , the ducks attacked you because they felt threatened by the blinding glare of your so called "sexy shoes" :) and fourth of all... if this cute guy were to read this would he know it was about him and talk to you about it making you embarrassed? haha