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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Easter weekend....

....a couple of days late. 

We first headed out to Riverwoods and participated in a bunch of things they had there. The weather was perfect and there were little kids everywhere! Evelyn was in heaven.

^^Evelyn petting the cutest baby bunny and....skunk?!^^

^^Evelyn was in love with the easter bunny. I thought for sure she would cry^^

Easter morning we had a little trail of easter eggs that went from Evelyn's room out to her easter basket! It was so cute to watch her follow the eggs, try to pick them all up, and put them in her basket. 

^^Evelyn had a little too much fun with her basket and scattered stuff everywhere! It was so much to clean up...I'm still finding some in the carpet^^

We then went to church to celebrate Jesus Christ. The real meaning behind this Easter holiday. And we managed to take a couple of pictures with Evelyn in her easter dress.

^^obsessed with all the flowers that are popping up around here!^^

^^Daddy's little girl^^

Hope you all had a great easter!

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