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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our cute little family

First time just doing our little family pictures, I though I had everything ready. Outfits picked out, poses picked out, color schemes....and then I realized around 11:00 the night before that I had not made Evelyn's shoes or hair clips! Ooops! So there I was really late at night making those. I wish I could've spent more time on them but hey they turned out pretty cute! Thanks again sis for taking them for us.

those faces! I can't get enough of them.


Paige Crosland Anderson said...

soooo darling! i'm dying to take some (we'll see if we ever get around to it...sigh...) great job megan! the blue/pink ones are to die for! where is your blouse from?

Heather and Jake said...

Thanks Paige! Yeah you guys need a new one! The blue/pink ones are my favorite. My blouse I think is from Forever21.