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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Jake and I made a pact that I would only call him if I was in labor. Other wise if I needed to talk to him it would be through text. Thank goodness for technology! How did the older generation do it? Hope to go into labor late at night or early in the morning when their husband was home? Any ways, I was chatting with grandma at the Creamery when I noticed a missed call from Jake. So what do I do? Totally forget about our pact and call him. He answered in a very concerned tone asking me about contractions and what not, which I thought was odd until I remembered......!!! CRAP! He had quickly packed his stuff and darted out of class, thinking I was in labor. He was too embarrassed to go back into class which I probably would be too. "Sorry guys for the big fuss....false alarm". I probably would've have made it super dramatic too.

So he left to do homework.

Sorry husband who is on edge with this whole "we don't know when she is going to come" thing!

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