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Monday, January 23, 2012

Our fun Saturday

Things were going great! Baby shower in the morning, and shopping with my mom for any other baby stuff I felt like I needed. By around 4:00 in the evening the contractions started to hit. Jake quickly downloaded a contraction timer app (aren't we so tech savvy!) and timed each one. Here I am freaking out because:

  1. Our hospital  bags are not packed yet
  2. These hurt really bad!
  3. I haven't washed any of her blankets and clothing
  4. Car seat is not installed
  5. Have not taken a tour of the hospital....have no idea where we are going
My contractions start to get around 5 minutes apart, and that is when we decide we should probably head to the hospital just to be safe. And of had been snowing pretty much all afternoon. Awesome. We get to the hospital, find our way up to the delivery room, I give them my symptoms, fill out paper work and they have us head back to a room. Of course the room next to me is full with a lady giving birth to twins....naturally. So of course she is just screaming bloody murder. The front desk lady looks at my terrified face and tries to make me feel better by saying, "not everyone's labor is like this." Yikes! So we get in our room, I change and have a seat on the bed waiting for the nurse to come in. Meanwhile Jake and I can still hear the lady screaming. Finally the nurse comes in, breaks the awkward/horrible silence and straps me up to a heart and contraction monitor. My contractions are now around 3 minutes apart. I am dilated to a two and 80 % effaced. They want to monitor me for an hour before they do anything. An hour later they check me, still dilated to a two. They decide to shoot me up with some morphine to stop the contractions and send me home. They are thinking only 1-2 weeks before baby E comes! We will wait patiently (ha yeah right)  and see what happens! Jake has currently taken on the role of contraction police and asks me every so often if I have had a contraction! Haha I think it's cute. 

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