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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I like to avoid awkward situations...

And sometimes I will go the long way home to avoid them. Take yesterday for example.

I was pulling out of Buylow, just finishing some grocery shopping. Windows were down, it was a beautiful day outside. As I was pulling up to the light to turn left, I saw the hobo man who I'm pretty sure is not a real hobo and now that the weather is nice he has come to claim his spot. Last summer he was there all the time! It's a red light. So I'm thinking...if I stay in this lane I will have to quickly roll up my window and awkwardly sit in my car right next to him. Pretending that I didn't see him of course. Instead of doing that I quickly changed lanes, turned right and took the longer way home. Sounds a little silly but I got to ride home with my window still down and bypassed that awkward situation. Go me. 

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