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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rehersal #1

So first let me say that I was mistaken. The choir that I am singing in that will be singing for General Conference will be performing at the afternoon Saturday session. Not Sunday. I don't know why I thought it was Sunday because that is MOTAB's day.

Today was our first rehearsal and I was a tad late. Gasp I know! I am so coming earlier next time. I absolutely loath UVU parking. So they gave us all the rules. You must be LDS. That one made me laugh. Apparently this has happened before...hopefully they became a member! You must not be excommunicated. You must not be a terrorist. I think that one was a joke ish....Everyone of course was wondering what we would be required to wear.

Boys: Missionary hair cut. Side burns must not be longer than the middle of your ear. No facial hair what so ever AND....if you have enough hair to part....part it! (I saw a lot of awesome faces on the boys as he said this.) No dapper dan suits, no pinstripes, and dark ties are a go but no cartoons or writings on the tie.

Girls: Black closed healed shoes. No big heals. Black tights. Black skirt mid calf (pretty sure I don't own one that goes to my calf because it makes me look oober short), no hair in the face, but no ponytail and our hair has to be pushed behind our shoulders and stay there....yeah right. No jewelry except small earrings. Button up blouse, solid color. They will tell us the colors sometime in February.

We went over a bunch of songs that they were going to submit to the church tonight. We are learning six songs and they will all be memorized. Depending on how long the talks go we might sing between four to six of them. It's a lot of stuff but gosh do I consider myself blessed to be able to do this. To share with the world the spirit, and our testimonies through music. I've always prayed that I would have an opportunity where I would be able to share my testimony through that which I love to do, which is sing.

Again what a blessing I have been given.

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