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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lesson Learned

Today, I learned a valuable lesson. One that I hope all of you might benefit from. Most of you probably already know this and might think..."duh!" Well for some reason I like to learn things the hard way. Before I get to the "lesson learned" part, let me tell you a quick intro. So a couple of weeks ago I was home in PG, staying the night for something. Anyway, I had to leave early in the morning and it had snowed a lot. I thought it might be easier to pull my car into the driveway so I could quickly put my stuff inside. Well when I got back, I got a pretty stern talk from my father about what a dumb thing I had just done. I was so confused. Well driving my car across the fresh snow on the driveway was the dumb thing I did. Apparently I haven't had the experience of trying to shovel off that compacted snow. My brother just shook his head at me like "wow you are a retard! Everyone knows that!"

Well I decided that I would shovel my grandparents driveway tonight. They obviously can't shovel that huge thing. When I say huge I mean really, really loooonngggg! It was a pain in the butt, back, and neck. It was just me, out there all by myself, with the smallest snow shovel I have ever seen. However, I did get a great workout from it though. While shoveling, I realized what my dad and brother were talking about. Multiple cars had driven on the fresh snow and compacted it pretty good. It sucked. Mucho. I would rather wash a million dishes and do a ton of laundry then do that again. When I finally got to the end of the driveway, I walked up to find already another inch had fallen and made my hard efforts look like pretty much nothing. Exhausted, I put the shovel away and just layed in the middle of the driveway like a slug and watched the snow fall onto the ground as I cursed it.

Watching the snow fall was memorizing. So beautiful. I finally got cold enough and went inside.

Lesson: shovel the driveway before you drive on it. If you have time. Which I will make time for.

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