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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today was a glorious day of rain, rain, and more rain! Everything is green and it smells amazing. The rain also brought back favorite memories of family visitings to Oregon which I treasure dearly. I could definitely live there. As I walked around campus today I saw the variety of colored umbrellas and rain boots....sadly I was not wearing mine. Wish I was because there were a lot of puddles that were just screaming my name. Now the only thing I don't like about the rain is the accumulation of nasty, slimy worms. They are EVERYWHERE! I tried very hard not to step on them but there were just too many of them; all different sizes. It was gross. As I was making my way to class through the sea of worms, a thought came into my head. I was thinking how grateful I was to be an evolved homo sapien and not a worm. Odd thought I know but seriously, how boring would your life be if you were a worm. To live underground most of the time until the ground becomes too soaked with water that it pushes you up and you slither your way around just to have people step on you. Do they eat? Can they smell? Do they have a brain...or at least a control center? Can they even think? Well it doesn't matter because I am not a worm. Thank heavens for that.

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