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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A New Love

  • Right basic
  • 3 knee repeater
  • Street fighter
  • Hamstring curls
  • Side Lifts
  • Over the top
  • Corner to corner kicks
  • Double side out
Awesome techno music, sweat dripping off your face, purple colored stepping stools....

Step aerobics : aerobics that involves repeatedly stepping on and off a raised platform —called also step training.

I have found a new love for this funny looking exercise. My roommates and I go every Thursday after work and have enjoyed it immensely! Tonight we went a little into turbo kicking which was a little bit harder to get the steps down; mostly because I kept watching the guy, (notice it's plural for he was the ONLY guy) try to do the steps! Oh man he was off in every way possible! It was hilarious. I give him props though for being able to hang in there! After our step workout we go straight into abs. Holy cow tonight was a killer! But you feel so good afterwords. Pretty soon we will be regular members and know all of the different combos. I can't wait!

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