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Monday, January 26, 2009

Bleeding paper

Can I just tell you all how stressful this dental hygiene application has been?!? Goodness! I had everything together and when I was going through the list a couple of weeks ago I noticed that I had to write an essay. Now usually I am pretty good at writing essays, but when you have to write about yourself and why they should pick you over every other gets a little scary. But it is pretty much finished, thanks to a little bit of help from awesome people and I will be turning everything in hopefully on Wednesday! You have no idea how many drafts I have gone through and how my papers have been bleeding blue and red ink! After I turn the application in I get to wait....which I am not good at. I don't plan on getting in my first time, (which rarely happens) but we will see what happens!

1 comment:

Lindsay Rasmussen said...

I spent a month writing mine...I feel your pain. But no worries! It all ends eventually, and then you'll have class 2 pts like I did yesterday, and wonder why you ever wanted to go into this field when really you just want to go home and read a fantasy novel on the couch!!!!