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Monday, January 12, 2009

Lack of Oxygen

Things to get done this week:
1. Bio Med test
2. Pathophysiology test
3. Art test
4. Dental Hygiene application
5. Essay for Dental Hygiene application
6. Empty my brain even further to come up with an art project
7. Clean up kitchen because no one else will do it
8. Get ankle's doing some weird things

I tend to stretch myself too far occasionally and I don't like it when I do! It's exhausting! I'm becoming anti-social and I am not an anti-social person. I feel like a bug that's been picked up by a silly little girl and put in a glass box where I can't escape and lacks oxygen! I need to take a mini road trip or something. I need to breathe.

After all these feelings running through my head, I decided to stop everything that I was doing, grab a book and read. I had 30 minutes of bliss. 30 minutes to forget about all the things I needed to do and to get lost in a book. It was wonderful. Therapeutic.


Ash Att said...

Heather! holy cow that is insane! you sound like me though, always put more on the plate than we can handle. lol. but its a good stretch thats for sure! and p.s. reading is that way, i love it! hope everything gets better heather! your awesome :)

Helene said...

Heather, do you ever slow down.I can't imagine you can keep that many "balls" in the air at one time. We Love You! Grandma.