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Monday, December 5, 2011

A new light

One thing I always look forward to around December is all the festive lights. I could stare at them all night. In fact I sometimes do. Jake and I were so excited when we got our tree that we put it up super early (for me anyways), and placed the lights and ornaments on right away. Jake and I will sometimes turn off all our lights, turn on the Christmas tree and just sit on the couch, wrapped in each others arms and stare at the beautiful lights. Sounds a little silly I know but we love it. Yesterday we spent the evening with Jake's family and were able to deliver a tree with ornaments to a lady in their ward. She hadn't gotten a tree yet so we as a family got a tree and ornaments, went to her house, sang and brought it in for her to decorate. It was so fun to see her so excited. A light just lit up around her, as a light lit up within me.

It's easy to get caught up with your own problems and trials you are facing. But every time I do service I forget about my troubles, and focus on other people who could use my help. A new light turned on within. The light of Christ. It reminded me of all that I have and how I need to be grateful for that. How there are so many people who are in worse situations than you are. How Christmas is about giving. Not receiving. I have been so blessed to have grown up with amazing examples who have this light of Christ and who are constantly going out of their way to help others. I hope that I can take what they have shown me and put it to good use. Not just during the Christmas season, but always. I'm constantly thinking of things that I can do to better myself and be a good example for my soon to be little girl. Like I said I was blessed with so many wonderful people that taught me this, and are still teaching me this. I hope my little girl will have similar examples of these type of people in her life.

Thank you Wright family for being one of those examples for me!

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