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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rehearsal #2

Today we all got in order with how we would be sitting at the Conference Center. They had everyone go into the gym and get in order from tallest to shortest. So I meandered over to where I thought I would go. I was checking to see height wise if I was in the right place when an individual let me know that "you actually belong CLEAR up there!"

Why thank you kind individual for putting a lot of emphasis on the word "clear" to make me feel better!

Haha don't worry I have come to terms with my shortness.

We still haven't heard what our finalized songs will be. The church is still working on that. For our sake I really hope one of them is hymn #64 because our conductor has committed us to memorization of that song at our very first rehearsal. He has a pretty good feeling about that one. I hope he is right! After doing a good hour rehearsal on one song, one of our conductors, who is hilarious by the way, just spouted off for the last seven minutes. I can't even remember what he was saying but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! I felt like I was attending a Brian Regan show.

Hilarious. I love choir teachers with a good sense of humor.

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