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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaking in entry Carolers

Yesterday was the annual Crosland get together for food and caroling. Oh how I love caroling with the fam. After we had stuffed ourselves with all the wonderful food, we all got bundled up in our warm winter coats and headed to the houses we usually go to sing to. We just had one last house to go to. We rang the doorbell and started singing. We could see the cute old man through the window just sitting there watching tv.

"Dude he is totally ignoring us!"
"Lets sing louder then."

We all increased the volume. A lot. The cute little old man was still just sitting on his couch watching the tv. So my awesome grandma decides to just walk into his house to tell him we have come to carol to him! Hahaha I was dying.

"Grandma you can't just walk into his house!"

Well the cute old man turned off his tv to listen to us. I think he enjoyed it. He looked like he enjoyed it. Sorry we had to all barge into your house and interrupt your tv time! However, it is said that "the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all the hear."

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