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Friday, October 10, 2008

Apartment nonsense

So to explain why I am really happy right now, I need to go back a month or so when we were rudely woken up by a police officer at our apartment early in the morning. Ha ha he was probably knocking on our door for 6 min. because none of us really heard him. Well eventually one of us got up and answered the door. He asked us about our neighbors above us...just asking if we had seen him lately, if we had heard any screaming, (now that scared me!) and just a couple of questions about that. We had only seen our upstairs neighbor a couple of times. Usually you could heard him yelling in Spanish over the phone on his porch and that was usually when we would see him. I guess he had been reported for "suspicious behavior." My roommates and I all got together and came up with some possibilities of what he could be up to. I won't list them here because I am now embarrassed to say them. Well today after school, walking to the apartment, he was there on the stairs bringing a bunch of boxes downstairs. I couldn't really tell it was him so being the nice person that I am I said, "Hello!" and smiled....but as soon as I saw who it was, that smile ran and hid off of my face. He grunted and stared at me while I quickly and awkwardly ran up the stairs to my apartment and shut the door! Creepy man! I sit down to do some homework when I hear all this noise going on above me. Vacuuming going on, people walking up and down the stairs, it was loud! My roommate looked outside our peep hole to see what was going on. She ran over to me and said, "Heather...I think creepy man is moving!" Oh joy! I sure hope she is right!

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