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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wyoming Jaunt

You know, I was slightly disappointed when my parents informed me that our Crosland family reunion trip to Oregon couldn't work and that instead.....we were going to Wyoming. These are the things which ran through my head at this moment.

  • Why are we going to Wyoming?
  • Do we even have relatives there?
  • What is in Wyoming!
  • Stupid gas prices!
  • Where are we going to stay...out in the middle of nowhere!

Well we all got up early Saturday morning to start our journey to Wyoming. Mom had supplied us with many movies so I wasn't worried about being bored on the trip up. Half way there we stopped in Evanston for a little purchasing of "not illegal" fireworks! As we walked in, I passed a man with two grocery carts chuck full of these "not illegal" fireworks with a huge grin on his face, telling me that this is probably a little overboard and that I should not follow his example....hmm....YA THINK! Well when I walked into the store, that's when all logic flew out my ear. It's like being a kid in a candy store but with rows and rows and huge storage areas full of fireworks! I think the most expensive one I saw was around $400.00! But I wanted to buy them all! I am such a pyro and this wold probably satisfy my need to light things on fire. My sis and I got out cameras and started taking pictures because we have never seen this many fireworks in our lifetime! People probably thought we were retarded but that's okay. We later got to the cabin which was actually really really nice! And Wyoming is actually a very pretty place! The landscape was beautiful. I spent most of my time driving our four wheelers around the rugged terrain, getting dust in my face, eyes, teeth and swallowed a bug at least twice. It was grand fun! And the stars! Oh the stars! I sat outside and just looked up to the sky, feeling so insignificant with all the stars surrounding me. Basically I told my parents we need to get a cabin up in Wyoming so we can come more often! Their reply was...."Okay make sure you marry someone with a cabin!" Of course they were kidding but I was like...hmm okay! I take that as a no! haha well the place was awesome and the Crosland family reunion was a smash! Pictures still to come.

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