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Monday, June 30, 2008

My little haven/happy dance!

I've been trying to go to the gym every other day, but since finals have been coming up, I have had no time to do anything! But forget the gym....I have found my own little haven. It's a trail up near the canyon that's about a mile long and has obstacles for you to do along the way, such as pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, arm workouts and weird "jump with one leg up in the air" things. I love it! I got up around 6:30 this morning, grabbed my running shorts and shoes and drove up to where it started. What I like about it first is that it pretty much works out your whole ENTIRE body! Second, I am not a long distance runner so it's nice to run and then have those little breaks to do the other workouts; and's right next to the mountains!

As for my happy dance.....I was up late last night and the night before studying for my "final before the final" in nutrition. I had heard this test was pretty hard so of course I freaked out and studied my brains out! When it came time to take the test, I unwillingly dragged myself, slowly into the dreaded testing center and sat down to take my test. I'm halfway through, feeling pretty have one question left....still feeling confident....and I push the END TEST NOW button on the screen and prepare for my test score to come up. My palms start to sweat and my heart starts to accelerate. I look up to the screen to find my test score.....A BABY!!! So I dash out the door, grab my backpack, and did my happy dance all the way to my car!
The end.

1 comment:

Libby said...

Way to ace the test!! You rock!!