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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thinking Things

I had the wonderful opportunity to go with my family to the Pioneer Day concert on Saturday featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with guest singers, The Osmonds! Now I'm not a huge "die hard" fan of The Osmonds but they actually put on a great performance. The transitioning was a little awkward though. The choir would sing a couple of their songs and then The Osmonds would come out and the Conference center broke out in disco lights and psychedelic flowers, and the pipe organs were lit up in tie-die colors. I didn't know if I should jump up and join them...or if I should just smile and laugh. People were screaming and clapping...don't get me wrong it was very entertaining and I loved it. But then the lights and flowers would go away and the choir would sing a couple of other songs. It was really cool to see The Osmonds all together, still singing. And I just found out that Donny is 50 and a grandpa! Every time I see him I think of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dream Coat and Mulan! But the last song they sang with the choir really got to me. They choir started to sing Come, Come Ye Saints and The Osmond joined them on the last chorus. I stated to cry because whenever I hear that song I think of when my own family did the Trek and how that was such a touching experience to be able to do that with them. I am so grateful for my ancestors and what they went through so that we could live in the great valley and worship without being prosecuted. To be able to stand up for their religion and be able to say with a gun pointed to their head, "Yes I am a Mormon." What great courage and strength they had. After the concert was over, I made my way to the FrontRunner. I love trains. Every time I get on a train I feel like I am on the scene of White Christmas singing, "snow, snow snow!" with Bing Crosby,Danny Kayne, Vera Ellen, and Rosemary Clooney. I got on and pulled out my book. I only lasted a couple of minutes when I stated to doze off. My ears suddenly tuned into every one's conversations and the noise just seemed to grow louder and louder. After a couple of minuets, all the conversations turned into white noise and in a weird way acted like a lullaby, singing me to sleep. I felt like I was only a sleep for a couple of minutes when they announced that the train had reached Ogden. I dragged myself out and sludged my way to my car, drove home and then passed out on the couch...still in my Sunday clothes.

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